Banishing Cellulite – My Tips

Cellulite – probably the one problem us girls battle all our lives but don’t actually ever conquer it.  Am I right?  You are not alone.  But did you know, men also suffer from the same condition?  Maybe not as obvious or problematic as us ladies, but they are still affected by it, even if it is slightly.  Oh and celebrities, please do not think that celebrities do not suffer from ugly cellulite, because they sure do!  So before I continue, I hope that makes you feel a little better.

I myself, do have cellulite but to be honest it’s not really bothered me and I haven’t let it bother me, but for some reason, I am intrigued on how I can banish it and have made it my little project to improve the texture of my skin in my problematic areas, mainly thighs and bum area.

I have been researching some things that will help me, some are of course obvious but others are tried and tested products by me with my honest opinion.  So let me know what you think.


fresh water pouring in a glass
A given really, so I won’t go on about it.  The more you drink the better your skin will look and feel. Simple.  Tip: Why not have a glass of lemon water each morning before any breakfast.  Doing this helps flush out all the toxins from you body.  Check out my full post here:  Lemons – and why I can’t live without them

Green Tea

Green tea .
So this is the kind of tea that isn’t to everyone’s liking, and if I am honest it wasn’t to mine when I first started drinking it a few years ago.  I then got bored of the hype around green tea and gave it a break.  But over the last year I have been drinking it again and I have really noticed a whole bunch of health benefits.  As this post is about cellulite, I won’t go into the other benefits of green tea, but I can say for me, green tea has definitely helped improve the ugly peel.  A while ago, I was recommended an amazing green tea and I now only like to drink the Tea Pigs brand as their green tea is steamed when plucked rather than roasted which tends to bring out a more delicate flavour.  I definitely prefer to drink tea that is in it’s leaf form rather than the grounded down powder version which doesn’t give you all the benefits.  Tip: add a squeeze of lemon if you aren’t too keen on the taste.


Body scrub
Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate! I cannot say it enough.  You need to slough off the dead skin cells to help reveal soft glowing skin.  With a continued routine, this will contribute to banishing cellulite.


image (1)image
I have always just used simple moisturisers which are great and help the elasticity of your skin but as you get older, a little extra help may be needed.  I have been using the Murad Vitamin C Body Firming Cream which firms, tones and is a clinically proven anti-cellulite treatment.  Another one of my favourites, is the Garnier Body Anti-Cellulite Oil which is featured here in my October favourites posts.  It’s gorgeous and I really have noticed a difference in cellulite reduction.


Young smiling sport woman doing squats with dumbbells on gray background
Squats and lunges are the best if you are too lazy to do anything else : )  A brisk walk at lunch time and taking the stairs instead of the lift will really make a difference too!

It is very unlikely that you will totally banish cellulite, as that is just how us women are built but you can certainly minimise it to a point where it’s pretty much not visible and your skin looks smooth and as supple as it can.   Let me know how you keep your cellulite at bay.

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