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There is nothing that makes me feel better than having gorgeous hair.  But one thing that makes me feel even better than that, is big voluminous gorgeous hair, who doesn’t right?  I have tried countless products and have gone through phases of loving and hating products but I have finally mastered my perfect big hair routine and here is where I am going to share it with you.

Step 1: Shampoo & Conditioner
Alterna Bamboo Abundance Shampoo and Alterna Bamboo Abundance Conditioner
I have tried so many shampoos and conditioners that claim big voluminous hair, but none have ever stuck or worked with me.  Then I came across the Alterna range.  Firstly, what intrigued me to this line was that they are parabens free.  Parabens are used in a lot of beauty products and I for one, like to avoid products that contain them.  

Parabens are used in cosmetics because they preserve the shelf life of the product and is a substance which can cause various health problems.  In hair, they can damage the hair follicles by removing the protective layer, which in turn results in dull and brittle hair.  I would definitely recommend switching to a parabens free shampoo and conditioner.  This duo makes my hair feels squeeky clean, light and super bouncy.  I definitely notice the difference if I ever switch and always go back to this genius combo.  

Step 2: Heat Protectant 
Aveda Brilliant Damage Control
Once my hair is washed and towel dried, at this point I use Aveda Brilliant Damage Control liberally all over to ensure my hair is protected from any heat appliances I chose to use later on as well as minimising breakage. This heat protector is by fair the best I have ever used and actually does what it says on the bottle.  I owe my healthy, long hair to this little miracle.

Step 3:  Volume Boosting Products 
Bed Head Superstar Queen For a Day Thickening Spray & Bed Head Superstar Blowdry Lotion
To give my hair amazing body I use two products together to give me an easy bounce.  Firstly, I use the my Queen for a Day Thickening Spray.  I spray this generously onto to my roots and softly rub into my scalp with my fingers. I then go on to use my Bed Head Superstar Blowdry Lotion.  Firstly, I separate my hair down into two sections.  I pour a generous amount into the palm of my hand and run the product through my hair including my roots.  This will ensure you get the double trouble volume you are after!

Step 4: Blowdry
Parlux 3200 Ceramic Ionic Hairdryer
Until about a year ago, I had been using my trusted Boots hairdryer (I cannot remember the make) which I bought about 10 years ago.  Once it finally died, I decided to invest in a decent hair dryer and purchased the Parlux 3200.  I cannot tell you the difference this hair dryer has made to the health of my hair and the impressive drying time it delivers. Once I have completed step 2, I tip my head upside down and concentrate the heat on my roots.  I don’t get too close and always keeping the flow of heat moving rather than concentrating on one area, which can cause serious damage and a painfully burnt scalp.  I continue blow drying through using my fingers to tousle at the roots and lift them as I go. Once my hair is about 90% dry, I flip my head back up and still concentrate the nozzle at my roots.  It’s important that your roots are completely dry to ensure your hair stays big for as long as possible.  As I have a long fringe/bangs I use a large round barrel brush to blow dry this section.  As I concentrate the heat on the barrel, I twist the brush as I go and pull my hair in an upward motion to give it body and bounce.

I usually wash my hair before bed so I leave my hair to fully dry over night and use my straighteners in the morning to quickly straighten and tidy up.  Be sure to not over use the straighteners, as this can kill the body you have worked so hard to achieve.  If I am washing my hair before a night out, then I will do the exact same thing, minus the going to sleep overnight obviously!

To me this is the perfect routine. Don’t forget, getting a good hair cut, and looking after your hair with hair oil (full post here) is also key to ensuring your hair looks healthy, voluminous and bigger than ever.

How do you achieve big, voluminous hair?  Have you used any of the products mentioned and what are your favourite products? I’ll see you soon. X.O.

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