Aztec Secret – Indian Healing Clay.. Healing Skin Naturally









This is a natural skincare product I cannot get enough of and probably rave about the most to anyone that will listen.  I have managed to convert all my family and friends into using this product.  It’s 100% natural and ridiculously cheap.  What is it I hear you ask? Aztec Secret – Indian Healing Facial Clay (claimed to be the most powerful facial in the world) has done wonders for my forever blemished skin, well not so blemished anymore and it’s thanks to this facial.

Aztec Secret – Indian Healing Facial Clay is a deep pore cleansing facial mask and is made up of 100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay, nothing else! This facial is somewhat interesting as firstly, it comes in a very fine powdery substance which needs to be mixed with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.  What a combination right?  I know, I get that reaction from anyone I talk to about this, but when they try it, they totally understand my obsession!

So I mix say a teaspoon of the powder with a couple of teaspoons of the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar to make a smooth creamy consistency.  I then pack this onto my face with an old foundation brush (just to keep the mess down to a minimum, plus I feel more pampered using this technique), not being shy with the amount as the more the better! Now, here is the fun part..within a minute or two, your skin with start to feel warm followed by a pulsating feeling.. don’t freak out, it’s supposed to happen and it’s a nice feeling in a weird way as you actually feel like all the rubbish clogging up your pores being sucked right out.  Sounds gross right? But it’s a relaxing feeling, trust me.  I just lay back and let the mask do it’s job.  The packaging mentions to keep it on for about 5-10 minutes, but I like to keep it on for about 30 minutes and do this once a week.  The bad thing about this product is it can be a little tricky to wash off, it can get a little messy but I think it’s worth it.  My skin looks red for about half an hour or so, which is normal and down to the pulsating, so I always make sure I do this on a day when I won’t be leaving the house.

The results…smooth, clear, radiant and supple skin! It really does clear out your pores and you can actually see the difference! It’s magical.. ok, I am being a little dramatic but to me, anything that can improve my acne prone skin is magic! : ) Pores are definitely visibly smaller, that is for sure.  Your skin will feel a little dry after so I make sure I use a good moisturiser or oil straight after.  If you notice any flaking, that’s ok, it’s just dead skin, you don’t want that hanging around any way ; )

So, what can I say, I absolutely love this product, you can pick it up online for I think about £10 approximately and a bottle of the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is very cheap too! Who needs expensive, facials at the salon when you can achieve this in your very own home.  Let me know if you have used this mask before or whether you plan on trying it out.  Would love to hear from you.  I’ll see you soon. X.O.

Lemons – and why I can’t live without them


Lemons? And why can’t I live without them?  So I have been obsessed with lemons for the past year and here are two reasons why.

1. I squeeze half a lemon into a tall glass of warm water every morning. I drink this slowly at my desk whilst checking emails.  I have noticed that I feel refreshed, cleansed and somehow I really do feel like it is detoxing my system.  One thing is for sure, it makes me visit the ladies more often but that is a good thing as it means it really is flushing out all the toxins and my insides feel all nice and sparkly again : )   It has also improved the condition of my skin.. I suffer from acne, and I feel drinking lemon water every morning has helped clear up my complexion.

2.  I rub half a lemon into my skin at night before I go to bed. Or I squeeze the juice into a round cotton pad and dab it onto problem areas where I may have scars. I am carful not to dab onto open wounds as it can sting, but sometimes I just go ahead and do it anyway as I feel like it really does cleanse my skin, I can take the pain ; ) The lemon juice help kill bacteria and is also a natural lightening agent, therefore really helps with lightening my acne scars.

Let me know if you can’t live without lemons just like me, what you use them for and is there anything else I can use them for beauty/health wise? Thanks for reading.. I’ll see you soon. X.O.

Face Cream vs Face Oil

I have suffered from acne since my early twenties and have battled it year after year.  I’ve used medication from the doctor for so long to control it, but I know the liquid antibiotic I have been using for so long is damaging to my skin and will in turn age me! No No no! There are other ways to maintain and control acne and one of the many important factors is what you put on your face.  The one thing we all do every day, or should be doing is moisturising.  But with what?  A cheap tub of something from Boots that seems to do the trick or an expensive top end brand which breaks the bank? Whose to say what is best for you?

Well, having battled acne all my adult life I have always researched what is good to slap on my face.  Let me be very clear, it’s not how much you spend that is going to keep your skins clear and young but what is in the product. Always go for non-comedogenic creams and parabens free.  I have my favourite, which is the Embrylolisse face cream, this is soothing and calming, doesn’t break me out and is a superb makeup primer.. win win..  However, I have come to learn that oils are in fact better for our skin than creams.  OIL?? Really?? Yes..! Fact: most face creams do nothing for our skin and we just end up wasting money time and time again on various creams on the market that do zilch and I mean literally zilch for our skin.  Face oil is the secret to healthy and youthful skin.

Thousands of years ago when moisturisers were not around what was used? OIL!  Organic oils are the best and there are so many on the market.  I have done my research and I can say, hands down Certified Organic Rosehip Oil by Trilogy is the best thing I have ever used to moisturise my face.  Rosehip oil has so many benefits for your skin, it hydrates, repairs and nourishes. You would think oil will make you shiny and slick, but no, this oil sinks into your skin, brightens, moisturises and repairs acne scars, which is fab for me! So, I am not going to go into too much detail in this post about face creams vs face oils, I will do a more detailed post with the pros and cons of both but I wanted you all to know and understand that oils are extremely good for your face.  Anything natural and 100 % pure such as coconut, almond, argan or anything organic is great for you.  If you feel uneasy about using an oil during the day, do what I do and massage this into your face at night and let the oil do it’s magic whilst your body repairs.. let me know what you think? I am definitely converted to face oils and wouldn’t dream of going back…I’ll see you soon X.O.


Hello there

So this is my first post and I am extremely excited about sharing my world of makeup, beauty and health with you.  I am forever researching new makeup and beauty products, whether they are high end, low end, in between, whatever you want to call them.  If a product will benefit me, you will be sure to hear about it.  I am a firm believer in simple is best.  I love trying home remedies and actually seeing these products work better than a £100 tub of face cream which may just break me out! For me it not all about the name and the price tag but what it is actually going to do for me.  This the place where I will share my crazy obsessions with you and I hope they can benefit you as much as they do me.  If not, not to worry, this place will not be for everyone : ) So.. that’s it for now, I don’t want to bore you before I have really started so, I’ll see you soon X.O.