So, where do I begin?  Is this where I tell you everything I publish here is my opinion and and I am in no way influenced by any companies or brands?  You are absolutely right.  I have started this blog as a hobby and because I love sharing what I learn about beauty with friends and family, I thought why not share it with a few more people?  I write and edit each post myself.

Any products reviewed on my site, have been purchased by me, for me and I will review the product with the experience I have had with it.  There will be times where a product will work for me, but not for you.

If at any time, products do start coming my way from brands to review, I will be sure to make this clear within my post.  I promise that any posts regarding products sent to me, will be 100% honest.

In no way do I force products onto anyone nor do I give out false information. Why should I?  It’s all about being honest and because I take a lot of time out of my day researching all things beautiful, I would like to think you all trust me to be honest in what I share here with you.

If there is anything you do not like, or have any suggestions on how I conduct my blog, I would be happy to hear from you through my contact page. X.O.

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