How I clean my Makeup Brushes

How often do you clean your makeup brushes?  Every day, every week, once a month?   Sometimes we don’t find the time to clean our brushes but it is extremely important to do this on a weekly basis.  Not only for hygiene reasons but also to preserve the lifetime of your brushes.  Some of mine have been in my kit for 10 years and this is down to the way I take care of them.

I know it can be time consuming to clean your brushes, especially if you have a lot like me, but it is important and I wanted to share my routine with you.  You will need:

  • Kitchen Tissue Roll
  • Baby Oil
  • Shampoo
  • Small/Medium Sized Bowl.

So firstly, I take two sheets of kitchen roll, lay one on top of the other and then folder this into quarters.  I then soak the kitchen roll ‘pad’ that I have just made, with baby oil and let it sink in a little.  Next, I take my first brush and swirl it around on the baby oil which helps break down the makeup from the brush.  You will see how much makeup comes off from just doing this step!  This stage is really important as the majority of the makeup will come off onto the pad, which will save time later on.  So do this with all your brushes and keep changing the kitchen roll as each one gets soaked up with makeup.

I usually do this step in the bathroom sink.  First, you want to fill a small bowl full of warm water.   I then squirt a little shampoo into the palm of my hand and swirl the brush around and around trying to get all the makeup off.  I then dip the brush into the bowl and  rub it against the side to help clean each and every hair as well removing the shampoo residue.  With really dirty brushes, you may need to repeat this step.  As the water gets murky, refill it with fresh warm water as you go.

Once all the brushes are done, I lay out each brush on a towel on my dressing table to help let them dry naturally.  Do not use any artificial heat as this will damage the brush hairs as well as the brush handles.

So that is it, it’s really simple yet effective and your brushes feel and smell gorgeous after.  How do you clean your brushes?  I’ll see you soon. X.O.

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