How I store my makeup brushes

So, if you are like me and have a ton of different makeup brushes, it can get quite disorganised and messy on the dressing table and quite frustrating when you are looking for a particular brush and you just can’t find it.  I used to get really annoyed with them being in a makeup bag, or a drawer or just lying around.  So here is a simple way to store your makeup brushes, looks cute on your dressing table and most of all actually stops them from getting damaged : )

I purchased these vases from Ebay, (you can get them in glass or acrylic but personally, I like the glass vases) which you can get  for a reasonable price.  I also purchased these clear pellet granules which are super duper cheap, and really help to keep the brushes separated, and standing upright.   Fill the vase about a third of the way, and pop your brushes in.  So simple, organised and pretty.

glass vase with glass pebbles


transparent plastic granulates in test-tubes


I love how it looks on my dressing table. See?

image-30 copy 3


Another little trick I have is to clean out glass candle jars once they are finished, and store cotton buds and cotton pads in them, just like this : ) How cute!

image-30 copy 4How do you store your makeup brushes? I’ll see you soon. X.O.

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