How to grow out your eyebrows


Yes, it is possible! We can all get carried away with grooming our eyebrows, whether it be to keep up with the latest trends, to just generally going all cray cray with the tweezers when we have too much free time on our hands, resulting in caterpillars that just want to jump off your face.

But it’s OK, we can fix this but it takes some time and definitely some patience and discipline. It’s time to wean yourself off the tweezers and admit tweezer addiction.  Let’s go…

First thing first, step away from the culprit itself, the tweezer.  Avoid it at all cost. If need be, only tweeze strays that don’t affect the shape of your eyebrow.  Remember, a good arch can do wonders to the frame of your eyes and even make you look youthful and alive.  You are going to be at the inbetween ‘eyebrows are not on fleek’ stage for a while, but it’s ok, the hard work will pay off.  A trick I do is white out the area of the eyebrow with a white pencil, colour them in (to include the area you are trying to grow out) and then just pluck the hairs around.  This will help you stay away from the white area and the urge to pluck within it.  Remember, you are growing them out so ensure the white out area is larger than your current eyebrow shape.

Secondly, it is important to brush through your eyebrows everyday.  Yes, just like brushing you hair stimulates your scalp, your eyebrows needs the same attention.  It is important to brush through your eyebrows each evening before bed, with a spooly.  As you brush through also throw in some gentle circular motions at the root of the hairs.  This helps to stimulate the hair follicle, especially the ones that may have become a little dormant due to over plucking.  But remember, be gentle but do give enough pressure to ensure your eyebrows are exfoliated generously.  It’s actually quite relaxing.

Next, once you have brushed through and exfoliated your eyebrows, it’s time to nourish them.  We all use face and hair masks to help nourishment so why not do the same to your eyebrows.  I use Jamaican Black Castor Oil.  I had read so many good things about this product.  It has done wonders for others and now me! Regular castor oil is also very good, but I prefer the Jamaican Black Castor Oil which is a new find for me. So, with another clean spooly, dip this into the oil, swipe off the excess on the edge of the bottle and brush through each eyebrow.  Make sure you use a generous amount, but don’t go crazy otherwise you will end up with the oil dripping down into your eyes.  So now you will have two shiny eyebrows and this is why I said it is best to do this before bed.  Plus the oil has plenty of time to work it’s magic while you get your beauty sleep.  Now I am not saying this product is a miracle and you will wake up with the most gorgeous eyebrows ever, but with consistent use and patience, I did find my eyebrows start to look healthier and darker.  Honestly though, regular castor oil is also great to use if you prefer.  Tip: this oil is great to use as a hair treatment, why not use it once a week overnight to to help the thickness and health of your hair.

Lastly, I am going to talk to you about a supplement called Biotin.  I use the 10,000 mg which is a higher potency and I take this once a day.  This product is great and will help you with that final step to thick, gorgeous eyebrows.  The nourishment will boost growth of hair, including your eyebrows.

Now, these products and this routine works for me, but may not work for everyone.  It is my personal eyebrow care routine and I wanted to share it with you.  Girls, trust me, if you have thick healthy eyebrows, don’t over pluck.  Get them shaped professionally and you will thank me in the end.  Also, my eyebrows are naturally dark and thick and this routine has helped me get back to that stage after a phase of being lazy and plucking my eyebrows, left right and centre.  Everyone’s hair growth and thickness is different, so do bare this in mind, a combination of the above, or all of them can contribute towards healthy eyebrows.

Do you use any of the above products? What have you done to grow out your eyebrows?

I’ll see you soon. X.O.

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