Mario Badescu Whitening Mask – Product Review


I purchased Mario Badescu Whitening Mask about 6 months ago, having stumbled across the brand on the internet.  I was really excited to come across Mario Badescu and his products and can say, this mask is one of the best masks I have ever purchased.

One product and it’s reviews that stood was the Mario Badescu Whitening Mask.  Now, as the name suggests, you may think this is a skin bleaching mask….it is definitely not that. This product has been specially formulated for those that have uneven skin tones, dullness and discolouration from the sun or old acne scars.  As some of you may know, I had a bad bout of acne last year, which is now under control, but I had been left with some awful scars that really got me down.  I was constantly looking for new remedies and products but at the same time, I was being very careful with what I was putting on my skin, with the fear of another breakout.

So after reading the positive reviews, I went ahead and purchased this product.  Can I just say, I am now on my second purchase and this product.  From the first use his mask improved the discolouration I was suffering from.  I kid you not,  I was so excited to continue using this and each and every week I did, my skin was brighter and my acne scars were finally fading.  I used this once a week for about 3 months as I was trying to speed up the process.  I can say, I now use it every two weeks as my scarring is at it’s minimal.

A bit about the ingredients: The website states “Natural ingredients like Kojic Acid, Licorice and Mulberry make this mask gentle for all skin types. Contains no Alpha Hydroxy Acids making it safe and gentle for acne erupted or very sensitive skin”.   I totally agree with this.  It feels so soft and smooth when applied and has a gorgeous scent which isn’t overpowering.

I can honestly say, out of all the products and natural remedies I have tried over the last two years to help improve the condition of my skin, this is by far the best product I have used to help with my scarring and I will continue to use this mask to keep my skin tone even, bright and scar free.

I seriously cannot recommend this enough and cannot wait to try out more of Mario Badescu’s products and have been raving about this to friends and family who have all noticed the improvement in my skin.


Purchase Mario Badescu Whitening Masking in the UK: BUY HERE

Have you tried this mask? Or any of Mario’s products? Let me know of any recommendations, I would love to hear of them.

I’ll see you soon. X.O.

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  1. Jabeen Waheed 17th November 2015 / 10:59 am

    This looks like it’ll be a massive help!
    Jabeen x

    • mishabeauty 18th November 2015 / 6:34 pm

      I definitely recommend it, amazing! : ) x

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