My Top 5 Bronzers & Highlighters – Part 1


Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a sucker for bronzers and highlighters.  I love the effect it has on transforming my look and the colour and glow it brings to my complexion. If I am not bronzed and highlighted, then I won’t have a good day.  You don’t have to go overboard with bronzing and highlighting, the last thing you want to look like is an orange glitter ball! Less is more, believe me.  Brace yourself, I got a little excited writing this post as there is so much to say! Here is Part 1 in my Bronzer and Highlighters installment.

1. Chanel Soleil Tan De Soleil
This bronzer is by far my favourite day time bronzer as it is the perfect shade for day time makeup.  It’s not too orange, no sparkle and it has a lovely sheen to it when applied to the skin which actually makes my skin look like I have caught a little bit of the sun.  This is the most natural looking bronzer I have ever bought and will continue to invest in this product.  It is on the pricey side, but in my eyes, completely worth it.  I personally wouldn’t use this as a contour, but perfect for bronzing up your complexion and adding a healthy glow. Purchase Here

2. The Balm – Betty-Lou Manizer – AKA “The Bronzing Bandit”
The Bronzing Bandit is a little god send. I came across this on You Tube and couldn’t believe how pretty it looked.  I do tend to shy away from bronzers that have sparkle in them, but this, well this bronzer didn’t sparkle, it just gave me an all over golden sheen, and makes me look like a golden goddess.  Completely addicted to this and it can certainly be used during the day.  Pigment payoff is amazing, and the packaging is so cute.  This product has become a staple in my makeup collection and use it nearly every day.  The best thing about this bronzer is, it can be used as an eye shadow.  So to give you that gorgeous golden glow, sweep this over your eyelids, and dust all over your face.  It’s just too pretty to describe. It can be used as a contour powder, but personally I don’t think it’s made for that as there is an element of shimmer, which would cancel out any contour you are trying to achieve. Purchase Here.

3 – Smashbox – Bronze Lights
This matte bronzer is an old-skool bronzer of mine and I first heard about it about 5 year ago when Kim Kardashian raved about how amazing this bronzer is.  She wasn’t wrong.  Again, I am really careful with bronzers that have too much of an orange base, but this doesn’t.  It holds the perfect natural bronze colour which compliments all the areas on my face where the sun would normally hit.  The shade I have it Suntan Matte and can be used as a contour powder. Purchase Here

4. Benefit – Hoola
Ok, so who hasn’t heard of Hoola? If you haven’t you, better to get to know.  Again, another matte bronzer, no orange undertones and gives you the perfect hit of colour.  Some would say its sunshine in a box, and I completely agree.  Pigment payoff is amazing, lasts all day and doesn’t look muddy. Can be used as a contour, as there is no shimmer.  Purchase Here

5. Nars – Laguna
Makeup artists, celebrities and the little likes of me, rave about this bronzer because it has everything.  It’s not a completely matte bronzer, it has a hint of shimmer, which I don’t mind.  It give you a beautiful all over golden glow, colour payoff is superb and even though it is pricey, will last you forever, as a little goes a long way. Can be used as a contour, but I personally don’t use it for this purpose. Purchase Here

What are your favourite bronzers? Can you live without them, unlike me? Stay tuned for my second installment which will be all about my favourite highlighters.  I’ll see you soon. X.O.

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