My Top 5 Make Up Tips

We all have little tips, tricks and random makeup application methods that work for us when applying makeup. Whether it be the type of brush you like to use to apply your foundation, using your fingers to apply certain products or perhaps even the order in which we apply products.  Different things work for different people but I wanted to share my top five tips and tricks which I have stuck to for many years and have never let me down.

1.  Use two different brand mascaras 

Eye Makeup
I like to use two different brands of mascara when coating my lashes.  It sounds strange, but when I use this method, my lashes appear longer, fuller, almost “false” like but not clumpy.   I am not sure of the exact reasons as to why my lashes appear this way, but I think the ingredients in the two different brands “react” somehow to give a much fuller effect than using one brand with the same number of coats.  I alternate between the two different brands for each coat and probably end up only applying 2 coats of each, sometimes 3 depending on how I feel.
My favourites: Benefit – They’re real!  and Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express Mascara

2.  Filling in eyebrows before plucking 

Make-up. Eyebrow Makeup. Brown Eyes
I used to always get my eyebrows threaded at the beauty salon but out of shear laziness I have mastered my own little tweezing routine.  I simply fill my eyebrows in with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, making sure I am happy with the shape.  I then simply tweeze any stray hairs around which are visible with my tweezermans.  Once I am happy, I clean away the pomade, which leaves me perfectly shaped eyebrows.
My favourites:  Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade and Tweezerman Tweezers

3.   Minimal Powder

Broken powder, foundation and brushes

Powder is not always a must, and a lot of makeup artists will tell you this.  Powder can be very overbearing and if applied in the wrong way, can look dry, flat and cakey.  I have found the key to using powder is using it very sparsely.  Once I have applied my foundation and concealer, I like to slightly dust powder under my eyes with a small fluffy brush,  as well as the middle of my forehead to stop creasing and shine and just down the centre of my nose.  That is it.  I find you do not need to powder your whole face as most of the time your cheeks have been powdered with blush and/or bronzer.  Any added powder on top can take away the natural glow.  To set my makeup instead of powdering my entire face, I like to use a fixing spray.  This allows your makeup to stay put all day as well as still looking natural and dewy, which is my personal preference.  There is no harm in a little shine creeping up during the day, it’s just adds to the natural look.
My favourite: Banana Powder by Ben Nye

4. Using two different brands of foundation

Foundation with makeup brush
I only do this when I feel like I need a little extra coverage or for special occasions/nights out.  I like to apply one layer of one foundation and then another layer with a different brand.  I find this combination gives you an extremely flawless finish and I guess it works a little like the two brand mascara trick above.
My favourites: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and Makeup Forever HD Foundation 

5.  Eye makeup followed by concealer/foundation

Makeup brushes and cosmetic powder
I always apply my eye makeup first, followed by foundation and then concealer.  I find if you apply your eye makeup after foundation and concealer, no only are you at risk of fall out but also at risk of finger marks which can happen when applying eye makeup in this order.  Your makeup will look more fresh when doing it this way.

I would love to hear of any tips and tricks you may have.  What works well for you?  I’ll see you soon X.O.

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