• September Favourites

    Oops, my September favourites is slightly late.  I haven’t been well and have just started to feel a little human again so am really excited to share with you what I have been loving during the month of September.  I can certainly say, I will be using these products for a while as I am totally addicted and have all made their way into my daily beauty routine.  So, let’s get started : )

    Dr Nick Lowe – Cooling Menthol Facial Scrub – Anti Age 

    image.png-2 copy 2
    I am completely obsessed with Dr Nick Lowe’s facial cleanser, so much so that I decided to invest in some of his other skincare products and boy am I glad I did.  The first one being this menthol based facial scrub which is heaven in a tube.  The product claims to “reveal a softer, brighter and more radiant complexion using gentle spherical micro beads to smooth the skin, purify pores and stimulate cell renewal.” It is advised on the packaging that this facial scrub should be used weekly, however can be used as required.   This scrub is perfect for when your skin feels dull, clogged up and perhaps a little congested.  After one use of this scrub, it certainly lives up to what it claims to do.  Your face immediately glows, pores appear smaller and it sheds all those horrid dead skins cells which give you that clogged up/congested feeling.   My complexion was definitely brighter, smoother, clearer and revitalised.  In my view, this scrub is excellent and reasonably priced!

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    Home Made Acne Treatment

    magic potion

    Millions of us out there suffer from acne prone skin, myself included and have suffered for nearly 10 years now.  I am constantly on the look out for new remedies, different ointments, lotions and treatments to help me maintain my difficult skin.

    I prefer to use home remedies, or products that are as natural and organic as possible whenever I can.  I may have young looking skin now, but soaking my skin up with strong chemicals day in day out will only damage my skin in the long run which will age my skin faster than it should, and I certainly don’t want that!  For years I have used medication prescribed to me by my doctor, but had been made aware through internet research that this could possibly damage my skin and cause early ageing.  I have completely stopped using prescribed medication and now treat and maintain my acne with my own selection of cleansers, toners, moisturisers and topical treatments.

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    My Top 5 Make Up Tips

    We all have little tips, tricks and random makeup application methods that work for us when applying makeup. Whether it be the type of brush you like to use to apply your foundation, using your fingers to apply certain products or perhaps even the order in which we apply products.  Different things work for different people but I wanted to share my top five tips and tricks which I have stuck to for many years and have never let me down.

    1.  Use two different brand mascaras 

    Eye Makeup
    I like to use two different brands of mascara when coating my lashes.  It sounds strange, but when I use this method, my lashes appear longer, fuller, almost “false” like but not clumpy.   I am not sure of the exact reasons as to why my lashes appear this way, but I think the ingredients in the two different brands “react” somehow to give a much fuller effect than using one brand with the same number of coats.  I alternate between the two different brands for each coat and probably end up only applying 2 coats of each, sometimes 3 depending on how I feel.
    My favourites: Benefit – They’re real!  and Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express Mascara

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    Natural Hair Oils – Why They Are So Good For You

    SPA accessoriesDaily stresses, heat appliances, time constraints all lead to us neglecting the health of our hair.  But once the damage is done, it is irreparable and the long road to recovering healthy strong hair can be difficult and take months if not years.  Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain the strength and health of your hair at all times.

    Hair is dead.  Yes, once the hair follicle reaches the skin’s surface, the cells within each strand of hair are not alive anymore. The hair on your head (and anywhere else on your body) consist of dead cells.  Therefore once damaged, the hair shaft is unable to repair itself.  It is imperative to factor in a haircare routine to ensure your hair is healthy inside and out.  One thing I have always sworn by is hair oil.

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    How I store my makeup brushes

    So, if you are like me and have a ton of different makeup brushes, it can get quite disorganised and messy on the dressing table and quite frustrating when you are looking for a particular brush and you just can’t find it.  I used to get really annoyed with them being in a makeup bag, or a drawer or just lying around.  So here is a simple way to store your makeup brushes, looks cute on your dressing table and most of all actually stops them from getting damaged : )

    I purchased these vases from Ebay, (you can get them in glass or acrylic but personally, I like the glass vases) which you can get  for a reasonable price.  I also purchased these clear pellet granules which are super duper cheap, and really help to keep the brushes separated, and standing upright.   Fill the vase about a third of the way, and pop your brushes in.  So simple, organised and pretty.

    glass vase with glass pebbles


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