New Years Resolutions? Now, that is the question…

2015 Resolutions

We are now mid way through the month and with Christmas and the party season well and truly behind us, it seems like we are all feeling the January blues.  Am I right?  Because of this empty, nothing to look forward to feeling, we feel obligated to jump on the new years resolution bandwagon to help rid us of this blue blue feeling.  I have never really ever been one for new years resolutions, because 90% of the time we don’t follow through, and by the beginning of February, we probably feel worse than we did at the beginning of the year.

I for one, like to start new ventures or ‘resolutions’ in February or even March, for the simple reason that if I haven’t been put off during the month of January to begin these ‘resolutions’, then it’s likely that I will stick to it.  It gives me a month or two to filter out the dead ideas that fly around in my head on new years day and leaves me with a solid list of things I want to accomplish.  This is just my personal approach to ensuring I will actually succeed and not fill my year with failures.

Right, so I have rambled enough about my approach to resolutions, next lets talk about actually banishing those blue, dull, depressing feelings due to excessive eating, drinking and partying.  Here are my top 5 tips to help you feel like a goddess during the rest of January.

1. Exfoliate
Before you know it, Summer will be upon us, so this is the perfect time to really prep your skin before it’s time to bare all.  As always, you should be moisturing daily but the key to really soft, supple skin is exfoliating.  You don’t have to go crazy and do it every day, even once a week is fine.   I have recently been using Garnier Oil Beauty Oil – Infused Nourishing Scrub and I am so addicted to using this, I actually do use it every day.  It leaves my skin, smooth, silky and bright.  It smells absolutely devine and because it is infused with 4 different types of oils (Argan, Macadamia, Almond and Rose), no wonder my skin feels so silky soft.  Before you know it, you will have no issues with flashing a bit if skin when the sun makes an appearance! Purchase Here

2. Vitamins
Hands up if you promise to take vitamins and minerals every day and give up after a couple of weeks? I am a huge culprit of doing this and I am determined to stick to it this time.  During the winter months, our bodies seem to find it harder to cope. I am not surprised, it’s so gloomy, cold and dark and all I want to do is hiberate.  We do so much to look after our bodies from the outside, we sometimes forget it’s the inside that really needs all the TLC is can get.  Once you have that covered, it will shine through in your skin, hair and nails without a doubt.  I am currently taking a multivitamin called Premtesse.   This multivitamin has been developed especially for women to include a high dosage of the exact nutrients that women need.  I am also taking an extra dosage of Vitamin D and Evening Primrose Oil, just to give me that extra boost. Premtesse is the only multivitamin I have stuck to and plan to do so for the foreseeable future.  Purchase Here

3. Warm Water & Lemon
Squeeze half a lemon into a pint sized glass of hot water.  Drinking this every morning will do wonders for you, plus it’s so refreshing.  It will boost your metabolism and flush out any toxins helping you  to feel fresh and clean from the inside out.  I warn you though, it will make you run to the ladies a few times, but that’s good, because then you know it working.

4.  Cut carbs in the evening
I am a huge carb fan and probably cannot go one day without potatoes, pasta or bread in one of my meals.  Carbs fuel your body with energy and keep you going throughout the day, therefore they are best eaten either for breakfast or lunch.  I have made it my biggest goal to cut all carbs from my evening meals.  This will help reduce bloating and will help calm and rest your body for a good night sleep. Pumping your body full of carbs before bed just adds fuel to a system that doesn’t need it, which results in a poor night sleep.

5.  Water
I don’t really need to say much on the subject apart from, drink it as much as you can.  I keep a 1.5L bottle on my desk at work, so it is staring me in the face.  Make it your goal to drink as much as you can too!

These are just 5 small things which I have incorporated into my daily routine and not so huge that I am destined to fail.  Feel free to change it up and let me know what changes you have made to help you ease back into normal life after all the indulgence during December.

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Banishing Cellulite – My Tips

Cellulite – probably the one problem us girls battle all our lives but don’t actually ever conquer it.  Am I right?  You are not alone.  But did you know, men also suffer from the same condition?  Maybe not as obvious or problematic as us ladies, but they are still affected by it, even if it is slightly.  Oh and celebrities, please do not think that celebrities do not suffer from ugly cellulite, because they sure do!  So before I continue, I hope that makes you feel a little better.

I myself, do have cellulite but to be honest it’s not really bothered me and I haven’t let it bother me, but for some reason, I am intrigued on how I can banish it and have made it my little project to improve the texture of my skin in my problematic areas, mainly thighs and bum area.

I have been researching some things that will help me, some are of course obvious but others are tried and tested products by me with my honest opinion.  So let me know what you think.

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