Face Cream vs Face Oil

I have suffered from acne since my early twenties and have battled it year after year.  I’ve used medication from the doctor for so long to control it, but I know the liquid antibiotic I have been using for so long is damaging to my skin and will in turn age me! No No no! There are other ways to maintain and control acne and one of the many important factors is what you put on your face.  The one thing we all do every day, or should be doing is moisturising.  But with what?  A cheap tub of something from Boots that seems to do the trick or an expensive top end brand which breaks the bank? Whose to say what is best for you?

Well, having battled acne all my adult life I have always researched what is good to slap on my face.  Let me be very clear, it’s not how much you spend that is going to keep your skins clear and young but what is in the product. Always go for non-comedogenic creams and parabens free.  I have my favourite, which is the Embrylolisse face cream, this is soothing and calming, doesn’t break me out and is a superb makeup primer.. win win..  However, I have come to learn that oils are in fact better for our skin than creams.  OIL?? Really?? Yes..! Fact: most face creams do nothing for our skin and we just end up wasting money time and time again on various creams on the market that do zilch and I mean literally zilch for our skin.  Face oil is the secret to healthy and youthful skin.

Thousands of years ago when moisturisers were not around what was used? OIL!  Organic oils are the best and there are so many on the market.  I have done my research and I can say, hands down Certified Organic Rosehip Oil by Trilogy is the best thing I have ever used to moisturise my face.  Rosehip oil has so many benefits for your skin, it hydrates, repairs and nourishes. You would think oil will make you shiny and slick, but no, this oil sinks into your skin, brightens, moisturises and repairs acne scars, which is fab for me! So, I am not going to go into too much detail in this post about face creams vs face oils, I will do a more detailed post with the pros and cons of both but I wanted you all to know and understand that oils are extremely good for your face.  Anything natural and 100 % pure such as coconut, almond, argan or anything organic is great for you.  If you feel uneasy about using an oil during the day, do what I do and massage this into your face at night and let the oil do it’s magic whilst your body repairs.. let me know what you think? I am definitely converted to face oils and wouldn’t dream of going back…I’ll see you soon X.O.